Summer Adventures

I have been busy enjoying life to its fullest this summer! Whether you have money or not there are many ways you can do this. To me it begins with you inside your soul knowing who you are. Learn to love yourself. Work on what you do not like, if it truly needs fixing, see a therapist if some help is needed and/or speak with your primary physician if need be. Why not live life as it is short and you never know what can happen tomorrow.

Here is what has been blessed upon me and mine. I have had the chance to go back to college and in the nursing field. I start August 22nd for nursing school. I am so happy to finally be able to finish this dream in my life! I had to take care of some mental health issues along with physical health issues. I am stable on both ends. I follow up with my physicians and worked hard to get where I am. I even began to work again, part time in assisted living. It is just right for me. I even was blessed with a car from my pastor. What are the chances?

I prayed God you put it in front of me. You help me with my anxiety, depression, Bipolar, and PTSD. He did. I prayed help me with my Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease and I am stable with 20% kidney usuage. Scary at that amount but great compared to where I started nearly two years when diagnosed. I may not be in “perfect” health but what is the picture of health today? I feel that I am doing fabulous!

Don’t get me wrong that I still get fatigued, I am w working two nights a week and one evening shift. I do have a chronic illness with no cure and it takes a toll on me but I am managing it and found a way too.

So I decided to live life by doing what I like, get back to working in the health care field. It is where I was at my best. It is what I know and I enjoy the people.

I also decided to live life by getting outside by walking downtown in Galena. Attending church frequently, hard on the night shifts I work the night before. But I’m managing as I can listen to the service online.

David and I have been going to the lake this summer enjoying the boat, the pool, swimming and relaxing.

Look for ways to enjoy your blessings in life. Find ways to do things without the cost so high. This can be year-round. The pictures below are from where we go in Apple River, Illinois called Apple Canyon Lake.

Essential Oils

Coming Soon……

I will be sharing with you my love for Young Living’s Essential Oils. I will also share how to purchase them as well as signing up as a member to purchase for wholesale.

I will also share what I have been up to and plan. I have not been on in a short time.

Peace and Love,

Kathy ❤️

Keep Moving Your Body

Please note that I began this blog post about two weeks ago. I did not get to finish it on time due to my painful right wrist and elbow. I have been in therapy for that. I have also broke my eyeglasses. I was just sitting down and they fell off my face. I am wearing old ones without the bifocals. They are rather frustrating with reading and writing. My wrist and elbow are doing better and still doing therapy, the focus is now strengthening them. I had an injury in July of 2018 and never followed through. Lesson learned.

Last week I blogged about an app I started using called “5 Minute Workouts”. I am really enjoying it. I can feel it working on my body no doubt. I have included a picture of the app when I open it up. This way you know what I was talking about last week and today.

I have done the Fat Loss, Abs, Chest & Arms. I can feel it working. I am also on a healthy diet along with low calorie meals. My diet consists of low sodium for example. That helps me nor feel so bloated and with my Chronic Kidney Disease it is wise to not have much sodium. I also need to watch my protein choices, such as red meat. There are other ways to get protein and in small ounces and better choices. I will always say and agree with this, water, water, water! It cleans you out, yes you need to empty that bladder but it helps with your skin and nails. It makes you feel cleaner in the long run.

I will add to this post that the “free” part of the 5 Minute Workout is just the 2 days. But you can keep sing those again. You can continue to mark have many reps you have done. Due to my recent pain in my elbow and neck I have had to change up my workout. There are times you need to do that. My app even reminded me to do my work out.  I feel this app is helpful to get yourself moving around and to use on your phone if you want to get your body moving. As always with any diet and exercise program please check with your physicians due to any physical and health limitations. I have had some neck pain from sleeping on a bad mattress so I was not doing my crunches right with pulling up in regards to my neck. So I need to pay attention and make changes just like anyone else in any program. This can happen with anyone in any workout and diet. If you have any apps you feel are great for workouts and diets, please share them in the comments. Have a great week! 

Must Finish My Book

Yes, you read that title right. I have been trying to get my life story out. To be honest we all have one. As for mine it is a story of love, hate, kidnapping, abuse of all kinds, homelessness and so much more. You would think just those few things would be enough but it is not. I was also conned by someone and it destroyed my family. I also was in an abusive relationship. I deal with PTSD and I am in therapy managing it quite well.

I heard about “Wattpad” from another blogger where I can write my story and share it. I may try that out. I have also shared bits and pieces here on my blog about my story. I will continue to write it and I feel using WordPress for my blogging experience has helped.

Since the last week of February things have picked up in my life for writing on WordPress. I went from 20 followers to 100. For me that is amazing! I am so grateful for this experience and I will continue on. I believe reading from others helps you for your blog. Plus it is helping me with my writing for my story and I am truly grateful.

Have any of you found a site or an app that works great for you in writing a short story or a book? What suggestions can you give me and my readers?

Have a fabulous week everyone!